Where To Stay In Las Vegas – An Overview Of All Your Options

Where to Stay in Las Vegas – First time traveler. Okay, so you know the whole thing is not going to be easy, but it’s fun. You want to check out all the hotels and casinos in one area before deciding where to stay in Las Vegas, so you can see how everything fits together. Here’s a quick breakdown of all the areas of Las Vegas that might interest you as a first-time traveler to Las Vegas:

Downtown Las Vegas. One of the oldest areas of Las Vegas, and considered by many to be the “business district” of las Vegas. Here you’ll find some of the best malls in the country (including an enormous one in the Venetian), as well as some really great office buildings. Out on the Strip are some of the hottest nightspots in town, including many of the glamorous hotels and casinos. And it’s where to stay in las Vegas on a really nice budget.

South Strip. This is where you’ll find most of the action in the strip. There is a lot more happening on the strip than on other parts of the strip. The “closest” hotels and casinos can be found in this area, as well as some of the best strip clubs in the world. Most hotels here are on the south end of the strip, rather than on the north end. Here you will also find some very nice places to eat in las Vegas, with some of the most famous restaurants in the world (of course, there is the strip itself to enjoy as well).

Bellagio. This is the casino of the hotel industry. The Bellagio is one of the most famous resorts in las Vegas and also happens to be its biggest attraction. Some of the best rooms here are located in the main casino hall, and some of the nicest rooms in the entire Bellagio are located on the top floor. Other nice places to visit in las Vegas by the pool are the Venetian and the Bellagio.

Downtown Las Vegas Strip. While the main strip isn’t usually as interesting as the other strips, there are still some very interesting places here. The best places to eat are near the popular hotels and restaurants, including the Ritz-Carlton, MGM Grand and the Paris Las Vegas Hotel. Of course, you can visit some of the lesser known strip spots, such as the Aladdin and the Abbot House.

MGM Grand. Las Vegas is an absolutely beautiful place. No other city in the world has such amazing views, such as the Las Vegas Strip, which runs for a length of the highway. If you love the Strip, then you will love staying in the glamorous and exclusive MGM Grand. There are many different luxury hotels here, including some of the best suites in the country.

Fremont Street Experience. While the Strip may be the entertainment capital of the world, the truly great part of Las Vegas is its tiny but wonderful neighborhoods. One of the best areas in town is undoubtedly the laid-back and liberal area of Vegas downtown. This area is home to some of the nicest and most pricey hotels in las Vegas, which includes the lovely Ritz-Carlton and the Venetian. And while the Vegas Strip may be entertaining, it is also filled with some of the most wonderful, dazzling and stimulating shopping districts.

Downtown Las Vegas is the heart of all things Vegas. The city is divided into five distinct neighbourhoods, and each of them is a real “town” in its own right. One of the most exciting (and tempting, to some) of these is the Westside. This is where you’ll find the chiciest and trendiest boutiques, shops, restaurants, live shows, and performance venues. And one of the best places to stay within this group of downtown las Vegas is definitely the Venetian. Located on its own block of suites at Street Level, the Venetian is a favourite amongst residents as well as tourists, who love the fact that it is located in a very convenient position to virtually everything that the city has to offer.