When Will Las Vegas Re-Open?

We are all so excited as homeowners in Las Vegas to know when will Las Vegas reopen? The “Great Wall Street” is still standing and the casinos are still going strong. However, one thing that is being contemplated now is the possibility of a new virus sweeping the nation. This virus has not yet been found in any countries other than America, and is being considered to be a high-tech arms race among disease-fighting humans. It may be a long war, but it is surely a war we are all eager to see the end of.

when will las vegas reopen

If a new strain of the SARS virus or a new outbreak of some sort were to occur in las Vegas, then it would create a huge domino effect with the entire gambling and entertainment industry here in the good old U.S.A. The whole thing would literally shut down until all the gambling casinos and all the hotels had been closed. The health department has put forward strong security measures for the past twenty years to try to prevent an outbreak like this but the recent outbreak is much more publicized and therefore the security measures are not as robust as they could be.

Las Vegas has implemented some incredibly strict measures for handling visitors and it seems they are having some success in containing the spread of the disease. The casinos have implemented their own strict guidelines regarding who can come into the buildings and what kind of screening you have to do to check on your potential guests. They have even created a system known as “social distancing” which tries to isolate the people who are most likely to contract the virus and transmit it to others. Unfortunately, this measure seems to have had some sort of backfire, since people who don’t show any kind of symptoms for a few days or weeks are the ones who are most infectious. Las Vegas has done its best to implement safety plans that would allow you to stay in the hotel and still enjoy the casino while being monitored by their employees, but it seems like they haven’t succeeded very well overall.

The most pressing issue right now is whether or not the casinos will be permitted to reopen without affecting the basic safety systems that were put in place to limit the spread of the disease. Many officials feel that the recent outbreaks were caused by unsupervised immigration pools. It is believed that many of these people may have been traveling to las Vegas from countries in Mexico, especially along the Mexico border. With the large number of H1N1 swine flu cases we’ve seen recently, including an all out epidemic in Mexico, it is also believed that the infections may be spreading at an increased rate in the United States as well. The lack of a complete and comprehensive HVAC safety plan means that there isn’t a way to know for sure right now, but the situation is being watched very intently.

Another issue that is being looked into right now is the possibility of new cases being found along the Mexican border. The discovery of new infections near the Arizona border could be responsible for the slow response that has been shown so far. The discovery of over two dozen infections in just one area of Mexico has caused the US government to heighten its vigilance. The Department of Homeland Security is watching the situation very intently and has even issued a travel warning to citizens of the country, advising them to avoid tourist attractions while the contamination is still occurring.

When will Las Vegas reopen? Unfortunately, we won’t have a definite answer on when it will re-open until the Department of Health finishes analyzing all the information they gathered during their investigation. While no definite timeline has been established, the officials are cautiously optimistic. One official said, “We are hoping to have an answer to this question by the end of June.” Although most tourists will avoid visiting the gambling areas during this time, they will still need to visit some of the other attractions in the city, like the Bellagio or the Venetian.

The casino industry is probably the largest financial contributor to the question of when will las Vegas reopen. Most of the casino owners have already announced that they are looking into the possibility of having casinos back on the Las Vegas strip again. Unfortunately, this isn’t likely to happen anytime soon. It may be sometime in the next two to three years before there is another viable casino proposal on the table. However, after the current Las Vegas crisis is over, these owners will probably be more than ready to start planning a second chance for tourists to visit their properties.

If you were to ask most people whether or not Las Vegas would ever re-open again, they would probably tell you “no”. For some, however, the question of when will las Vegas reopen is now more relevant than ever. With millions of tourists each year flowing into the city, casino and alcohol industries make up a large portion of the overall economic revenue of Las Vegas. If the casinos were to close down, the city would lose an incredible source of income that has made it famous. Even though the recent economic problems are taking its toll on Las Vegas, the opening of new casinos should definitely be a possibility in the near future.