What to Do in Las Vegas

what to do in las vegas

What to Do in Las Vegas

What to do in Las Vegas? That’s the question asked by many people when they plan a vacation. Las Vegas, formally the City of Las Vegas and frequently referred to simply as Las Vegas, is today the fastest growing metropolitan area in the U.S., the eighth-largest city in the country, and the county’s largest county seat. Las Vegas is popular for gambling, casinos, shows, concerts, art galleries, restaurants, and now, high-end shopping malls. It is truly an amazing place to visit.

So, what to do in Las Vegas? The answer, sadly, is very few. Vegas was made to be seen, and many people drive thousands of miles just to see it. There are all types of entertainment available from country music to world-class restaurants. There’s no shortage of things to do in Vegas either, so if you’ve never been there you’re in for a real treat.

Perhaps one of the most common “what to do in Las Vegas” conversations with friends is what to do at the “Hollywood Studios Tour.” You would think this would be a good time to visit…if you could get to Hollywood. Unfortunately, it is impossible to drive a long distance to get to “Hollywood” through Las Vegas. Instead, most travelers are directed to take a shuttle bus into town (sometimes a bit farther away). However, even if you could make it to Hollywood, you’d have to do all your own legwork!

For many people planning what to do in las Vegas, tickets to one of the many shows that are put on at the famous Las Vegas Hotels can be a wise choice. There’s nothing quite like a spectacular show in Las Vegas on one of these fine nights. You’ll see what we mean. But you may also find that it is difficult to actually get tickets to one of these incredible shows if you live anywhere near the Strip or other areas of Las Vegas popular with the show business. If you can’t get to a Vegas hotel booking a show close to your hotel, then this would be a good alternative.

The “Circus Lovers Rodeo” is another popular activity that has something to do with the show business. For some people, this might not be a bad idea if you happen to live around the corner from one of these circus tents. For others, however, this could be a bad idea if you happen to be in a neighborhood where most people aren’t aware of this type of entertainment. Most often than not, these events are held outdoors and you’ll need to get a vehicle with enough room to pick up and drop off guests.

For those of you out there who are into the food and dining scene in Las Vegas, you’ll want to check out one of the many fine restaurants in town. You can find many excellent dining options just outside of the strip. You can find gourmet meals as well as more casual fare during what to do in Las Vegas trips.

Of course, one of the best things to do in Las Vegas is to take a trip to one of the several casinos that the city has to offer. This is one of the best ways to truly enjoy Las Vegas as a place. You can get into Las Vegas at one of the five hundred and one casino across the street from just about every show on earth. You might end up spending the whole night at one of the tables playing a game or you might just want to get out of the house and enjoy some drinks with your friends before and after a show.

One of the hottest new trends in what to do in las Vegas is to take one of the trips on the high-end resorts. These accommodations cater mainly to the kind of traveler that wants the best amenities and Las Vegas is no exception. Many of these high-end resorts have all sorts of entertainment including shows and even some live shows. While you’re there, you might even be able to score an offer on one of those amazing Cirque du Soleil shows. You might not think that these kinds of things happen in Las Vegas but they do and when you consider how much money some of these high-end shows cost, you’ll realize that it’s a great idea to plan your trip around a trip to one of these resorts.