What Hotels Are Open In Las Vegas?

You are planning a vacation to Las Vegas and looking for the best accommodation options. There are plenty of fabulous hotels in this wonderful destination but you need to know what hotels are open in Las Vegas. You also need to check out what’s on sale. The great thing about Las Vegas is the availability of a wide range of accommodations. The following information will help you find the best deals when booking a hotel in Las Vegas.

what hotels are open in las vegas

To begin with, your ideal hotel should offer all of the comforts that you will need on your stay. Many of the hotels that are best suited for families offer some of the best amenities and facilities. Some of the best family facilities include pools, outdoor children’s play areas and easy access to the casino. Another hotel that is perfect for groups are those that offer many rooms and amenities at discounted prices. The Best Western Mandarin Las Vegas Hotel offers several guestrooms with attached bathrooms and cable television. Guestrooms are sometimes available with air conditioning as well as cable TV and Internet access.

Another popular choice is to stay in one of the luxurious hotels that offer spectacular views of the Strip. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino offers lavish guestrooms that boast of all of the amenities that will meet any luxury vacation needs. With the best in class hospitality, the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is the perfect place to start or end a Las Vegas trip. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino offers rooms with stunning views of the Strip. The pool area and the lobby have been designed to look like an elegant English country home. All of the wonderful amenities and fantastic views make the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino one of the most popular spots in Las Vegas.

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel is another great choice for a hotel in Las Vegas. Each room has been designed to look like a beautiful, traditional French chateau complete with French doors and high vaulted ceilings. With many fine dining restaurants and award winning amenities, the Paris Las Vegas Hotel is a top choice for a vacation to this world famous city.

For the ultimate in comfort, choose a hotel in Las Vegas where you will have easy access to plenty of shopping, shows and sports. The Las Vegas Hilton Las Vegas is one of the best value hotels in the world. With excellent transportation links to all of the attractions, shopping and shows, the hotel is the perfect stop for travelers on their way to and from their accommodations. The hotel itself even has a spa where you can escape the noise and stress of the rest of your journey. This hotel also offers a casino, where you can enjoy the games and card games after your excursions around the city.

If you are traveling with young children or a group of friends, you will want to consider one of the many affordable Las Vegas hotels that are available to meet your needs. The Stratosphere Hotel is a great choice for a family resort with a great location, convenient amenities and kid-friendly features. With two children each room has been renovated to include a child sized bed and was recently remodeled to include a baby grand piano in the main room. Other great child-friendly features in the hotel include a pet sitter twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. This hotel is located less than a mile from the Las Vegas airport and is close to many of the gaming and dining attractions. The hotel itself also has a pool, gym, meeting rooms and an outdoor pool with a waterfall for your enjoyment.

For those traveling with business associates or a larger group of friends, some of the more popular Las Vegas hotels that are available to visit are the Venetian and Monte Carlo. These types of Las Vegas hotels are a great choice for those that need a large space with amenities close by. Both of these hotels are within a walking distance to all of the attractions as well as the Las Vegas Strip. Both of these hotels offer many of the same amenities and activities that you would expect from a luxury resort including free high speed internet, wireless access to computers and televisions, and a complimentary breakfast daily. Both of these top notch hotels are located near the heart of the entertainment district in Las Vegas.

When you are looking at what hotels are open in Las Vegas, you have to decide what kind of budget you have and then look at which features and amenities best fit your needs. If you are on a tight budget and want to stay at a hotel that has a low rate but offers the best possible quality and location, then the Venetian may be for you. If you have the funds to spend a little more money and want to stay at a hotel that offers high quality amenities, then the Monte Carlo may be the best choice for you.