What Hotels Are on the Strip in Las Vegas?

With all of the luxury hotels that litter the Las Vegas strip, the question often arises as to which hotels are on the strip. For those who have gone to Las Vegas many times before, they know which hotels are on the strip. For those who have just visited, they will have a better idea of some of the hotels that are there. Still, there are some guidelines to help one choose a hotel on the Las Vegas strip that is right for them.

The first thing to know is where the hotel is located. While some hotels are on the Las Vegas strip by themselves, others are owned by casinos and stay in different areas of the city. In addition to which hotels are on the strip, there are some that offer guest accommodations, another way to get to the “strip.” Those are some of the hotels that would be the best choice for a tourist wanting to stay in a hotel on the Las Vegas strip.

The hotel is not the only place one should consider when looking at which hotels are on the strip in Las Vegas. There are also plenty of casinos. Most casinos are spread out across the entire strip. Each casino has its own location and thus offers different types of accommodations for guests. However, there are some that offer guests in their hotels a shuttle service to and from their casino.

Of course, many Las Vegas hotels are on the Strip for one reason or another. They may offer shuttle services or guest restrooms, but they are on the property all of the time. Some offer casino games and other forms of entertainment. Still others may offer customers food services. Each of these factors can make a difference in which hotels are best for a tourist visiting with a group or with a family.

The cheapest hotels are located on the northwest corner of the strip. These hotels typically offer more upscale accommodations and more casino games. Guests can expect clean, comfortable beds, air conditioning and sometimes, cable television. The cheapest rooms will be in the northeast corner of the strip. Here, the hotels are more family-oriented and the staff often speaks Spanish. Some of these rooms may offer free continental breakfast daily.

On the eastern end of the strip, hotels are more family oriented. Some are modest, affordable and quiet. Most of these hotels offer continental breakfast daily and a free continental lunch with a discount. Most of the rooms will offer cable television, free hot water in the shower and laundry facilities. Many of these hotels offer a casino room for a little extra money.

The middle part of the strip is the most expensive. Although the rooms are usually more comfortable and the rooms themselves often offer more amenities than other rooms on the hotel site, they still do not offer the same views of the Strip that some of the cheaper hotels offer. Many of these hotels also offer full-service fitness clubs and many have an onsite swimming pool. If you plan to take your family to a Las Vegas hotel, you should look for one that offers a family fitness club. Many of these hotels do not charge a fee for this amenity. They also offer other family-oriented amenities like free play areas for children and babysitting services during the evenings.

Finally, the top two hotels in the Las Vegas Strip are the Ritz Inn and Comfort Inn. Both of these hotels offer excellent customer service and top-notch amenities. Both of these hotels also offer casinos, restaurants and indoor and outdoor nightclubs. While you’re looking for a hotel to stay at while in Las Vegas, keep in mind that hotels offer the best value for your money.