What Hotels Are Next to Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas?

You have probably heard of Hollywood and what it has to offer. You may even know where the famous movie stars stay when they are in town. The hotels that dot the Las Vegas Strip are a crowd favorite. When you think of what hotels are next to planet Hollywood in las Vegas, you probably immediately turn to the hotels on The Strip.

However, some of the most luxurious accommodations are located in other hotels on the Las Vegas Strip. These luxury hotels are the ones people visit when they want to truly relax and be pampered. If you want to be pampered, you need to stay in one of these luxurious hotels.

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel is one of the most famed hotels in the world. This hotel is one of the originals on the Las Vegas Strip. There is nothing more elegant and classy than a room at this elegant hotel. In addition, the hotel is right off the strip so you can easily walk to the other side of town. This hotel has four stars with a rating of five stars. The best time to stay at the Paris Las Vegas is during the weekdays because it usually gets very busy around this time.

The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino is one of the best Las Vegas casinos. The Venetian Resort Hotel Casino offers over one hundred tables games to one hundred guests. There is live music nightly, casino games including craps, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, and even video games.

Another great hotel in las Vegas is the Venetian Hotel Resorts. This hotel is also right next to the famous Las Vegas strip. It has one hundred and thirty-five rooms and is the fourteenth most popular hotel in las Vegas. This hotel also offers special packages for their loyal customers.

The Paris Las Vegas is located just two blocks from the Bellagio hotel. Both of these hotels are near the strip. They are both very popular with tourists. Their popularity makes them some of the most expensive hotels in the city.

One of the best known Las Vegas hotels is the Venetian Hotel Casino. This hotel is also very near the Bellagio casino. This hotel next to the Bellagio has over one hundred and sixty-five rooms. They offer a special deal for their loyal customers during the summer months. During this special “ola vida” sale, their prices will be less than other normal prices.

One of the best Las Vegas hotels is the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. This hotel is located next to the Bellagio and is one block from the strip. This Las Vegas Review provides information on some of the top hotels in the city. It also gives information on how to get discount prices on Las Vegas hotels. Many of these hotels also have restaurants on the property.

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel is located one block from the Bellagio and is one of the most expensive Las Vegas Hotels next to Planet Hollywood. The Paris is one of the newest hotels in Las Vegas and was built especially for the rich and famous. This luxury hotel is actually seven stories and has more than one hundred guestrooms. The Paris is one of the best luxurious hotels on the Las Vegas strip.

One of the newest luxurious hotels on the planet is the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino. This is the only all-girls casino in the city. This is the only hotel that is separated into male and female areas. Most of the other Las Vegas hotels are all gated communities where the women are the only ones that go in and out of their hotel bedrooms.

Venetian is owned by a Mexican Billionaire who has a majority interest in the casino industry. The Venetian is close to the Venetian Resort Hotel Casino and Bellagio. Another nice thing about Venetian is that they offer a free high speed internet connection in each of their hotel rooms. The casino at Venetian is one of the largest in Las Vegas. They have also developed a landscaping theme, which will be seen in all of their future projects.

When looking at what hotels are next to Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, it is important to do your research before committing yourself to any type of deal. Make sure that the hotel is legit and that there will be no problems with them when you stay. Do a search on the internet to see if any complaints have been lodged against the establishment. Be cautious of online sites that may seem promising but when you get to the website, you find out that they are just trying to get you to pay the least amount possible. Always take your personal safety into account when looking for hotels to stay in.