What Hotels Allow Dogs in Las Vegas?

What hotels allow pets in Las Vegas? If your furry friend is traveling with you, the following information will help to determine what you can bring with you on your vacation. Many hotels in Las Vegas are pet-friendly; others do not allow pets at all. Let’s look at some of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas that don’t allow pets.

Mandalay Bay Las Vegas Hotel – This hotel is one of the most favored by those who like to take their dogs with them on vacations. There are several locations throughout the hotel that allow you to bring your pet and they even have a special area for canines. The hotel even has a nice kennel for walking, which is located next to the pool and close to the elevators.

Monte Carlo Palace Las Vegas Hotel – While there is no place where dogs are allowed, this is still one of the most popular hotels in Las Vegas. The front of this establishment is even labeled as “dog friendly”. You will notice that there are several areas that are off limit to people without dogs. There are also areas within the casino that are off limits to guests with pets.

Bellagio Las Vegas Hotel – Although not all of their properties allow dogs, they do own one high-end hotel that does. This hotel allows you to bring your dog with you but there are quite a few rules you need to follow. First, they want you to keep the door to your room open when you are there with your dog so they can see you. They also require you to hand your dog at least 20 feet from the door when you enter the property. This ensures them safety while you are inside.

Venetian Resort Hotel & Casino – This hotel allow you to bring your pets on your days off but they do not allow them to stay with you in your room. There are some restrictions that relate to having pets in the room with you such as no glass of water allowed and they will only be able to sleep in the bed of a guest room. There are also a few rules on the day that you can take your pet with you. It has been stated on some of the websites that you may only be able to take your pets out to the pool or into other shows and not to your room.

Monte Carlo Hotel – This hotel allows you to bring your pet on your days off but there are some restrictions that relate to them staying in the same room as you. They will only be permitted in one of your beds but they are allowed to sleep in the sitting area of your bed. They are also not allowed to have any water or other liquids within the rooms of any of the four guest rooms. There are some restrictions on the day that you can take them out with you. They state that they may only be taken out to an outside location, grocery store or anywhere else that allows you to give them a bowl of water.

Hotel California Inn & Suites by Hilton Las Vegas – This hotel also allows pets on their premises but some of the stipulations relate to the type of pets that you can have. You can only keep one dog per room that is being occupied at the hotel. You can also have two dogs inside of a crate that can be only be used for that one animal. The hotel also does not allow any outdoor pets inside of the hotel, however, they do allow you to let your pet go outside on a leash.

The Paris Las Vegas Hotel allows you to bring your pet into the room but they also state that you may only feed them from a set of dishes that is provided to you. You may only be able to bathe them in the sink area of the bathroom that you are using. Outside of that, they are also not allowed to be off of the terrace at all. They are also not allowed to be on the pool deck at any time. So, what hotels allow dogs in Las Vegas? Well, they vary from one establishment to another so you might want to check them out before making a decision.