How Often Does It Snow in Las Vegas?

how often does it snow in las vegas

How Often Does It Snow in Las Vegas?

As a Southern Californian I am always curious as to how often does it snow in Las Vegas. It seems like the question should be asked all year long. When we are outside and it is cold, we can sit around in our cars or porch chairs and wonder how often does it snow in California? But what happens when it starts pouring? Now we have to get out our outdoor furniture and go stand under a tree in the middle of nowhere.

The question is not likely to be answered in the traditional way. One way to answer this would be to count the days until the snow comes. That would give us a rough estimate as to how often does it snow in Las Vegas. But Las Vegas is so very busy right now with all the shows that they put on that sometimes the weather can change quickly and suddenly we are looking at a different number than we had estimated.

There is no better way to keep track of the snow that does fall in Las Vegas than to use a snow thermometer. It is easy to obtain one of these at any electronics store for about twenty bucks and they will keep track of the temperature inside your home or office. The reason that they work so well is because they record the temperature of the air in a room at regular intervals. Once you know the average temperature of the air inside your home or office you can just plug the number into the program and you will get back an accurate reading of how cold it is where you are.

Some folks like to use an infrared thermometer. While they don’t work as well as the traditional one that you plug in and leave on all day, it does allow you to look inside your home or office during the time that the snow is falling. Of course, this is not the most accurate way to determine how often does it snow in Las Vegas. It would be impossible to tell whether or not there was actually snow covering the ground without taking the thermometer down inside your house or office. Infrared thermometers do offer a way to measure the temperature of the air however.

If you want to be even more precise you can also use an infrared thermometer at your car. This is a great way to keep track of how often does it snow in Las Vegas. When you have your car out on a cold day, you can easily take the temperature inside your vehicle. Once you get back into your home or office, you can plug the temperature reading into the traditional weather monitor that you keep nearby. With that you can immediately see how the temperature is dropping as the day goes on.

A more complex answer to the question of how often does it snow in Las Vegas would be to take your measurements when the temperature is normal. In order to do this you would need to be indoors during the day and then take the readings of the outdoor temperatures at night. You should keep a note of both readings. Now it may be difficult to keep these records all year long, but if you live in Las Vegas and need a quick answer you can take the average of both readings and get the average of how often does it snow in Las Vegas. This information will allow you to compare the months with the snowiest months ever recorded. For example, it may turn out that February is the wettest month ever recorded.

The best time of the year to travel outside and take the outdoor thermometer is in early spring. There are typically two weeks of good weather in Las Vegas, which means that you can really enjoy the skiing, hiking, and other outdoor activities that are offered. If you travel later in the season or later into the fall, you will likely pay more money for a hotel room because it will be harder to find an outside temperature that is comfortable enough to stay out all night.

Knowing how often does it snow in Las Vegas can be difficult if you are unfamiliar with the local climate. However, once you know what days the snow is likely in your area you can make plans accordingly. Most hotels offer rooms with air conditioning on those days that the temperature is high. You can also avoid the higher fees by going in about an hour before sunrise. Be sure to take along a blanket and some extra clothes for after midnight.