How Long is the Average Vegas Strip Visit?

So how long is the average Las Vegas strip going to last? You bet it’ll last a lot longer than you think. The Las Vegas Strip is a testament to Las Vegas’ popularity among visitors and locals. And with so much money and effort being put into the strip, you can bet your bottom dollar that the Vegas Strip will last a long time.

Just like the casinos, the strip has changed a lot over the years. Lined with high-rise luxury hotels, neon-lit casinos and grandiose shopping malls, the Strip is quintessentially Las Vegas. Plus, as well as gambling casinos, the wide array of hotels, restaurants and entertainment venues house a massive range of shows, performances and shows. Attractions such as the spectacularly sky-high Fountains of Bellagio are awe-inspiring.

But the beauty of the Strip also comes at a cost. The construction of the complex alone takes two decades! And the casinos and hotels aren’t cheap either. Vegas is one of the most popular places to visit in the U.S.A., but it’s also one of the most expensive. And the Vegas Strip isn’t built to last.

The construction of the Strip began in 1931. Designed by none other than Frank Lloyd Wright, the original plan called for a three-story building with retail outlets on the first floor and a massive casino on the top floor. Although the first floor was eventually built, it wasn’t until later that the actual casino was added on. It was then that the question of how long the trip would last came up.

Well, since that time it’s been an exciting roller coaster ride for the thousands who seek out the grandeur of the City of Lights every single night. There is no way to measure how long a strip is, but there are some ways to put it in perspective. How long does the average Vegas visitor spend in the casinos? About 90 minutes. That’s how long it would take you if you walked from North Las Vegas to its North entrance on “Lucky Number Slevin’.” But that doesn’t include all the visits to restaurants and all the other stops in between.

Now, add all those hours to the total time you’ll be spending in the Strip and you might have a pretty accurate idea of how long it’s going to last. In fact, the forecast is even worse for the upcoming holiday season. Between Christmas and New Year’s, expect the Strip to be even less crowded than usual.

So, how long will the average Las Vegas trip last? The answer isn’t simple. It really depends on your purpose for visiting the Silver Mile. If you’re just looking for some chuckles at the shows or to mingle with the locals, you may very well want to see the shows as often as possible.

If you’re a gambling fanatic, though, you’ll want to visit the strip as often as possible. After all, gambling is the real reason most people frequent Vegas. You can stay in one of the five or six luxurious hotels that cover all the Las Vegas Strip districts. You can eat as much Vegas Strip food as you want – and it’s usually fantastic food. And you can gamble as much as you want. The average Vegas visit is likely to feel like a birthday party to them.

Of course, the typical Vegas trip is also about gambling. There are tons of casinos in the city. Some offer lucky draws, where the winners get a percentage of the winnings. Other casinos offer daily specials that offer the best value. The more you play, the more you win.

When you think about it, though, you’ll realize that gambling is really the least fun part of the trip. Besides the booze, women and lap dances, there’s nothing else to do in Las Vegas. And that’s true even when the strip is open. Without entertainment, you might not be willing to spend so much money on a trip. That’s why Las Vegas has one of the highest rates of casino-goers in the world.

But no matter how long the average Vegas strip visitor will last, the trip is going to be a blast. Even if you never make it down the strip, you can still enjoy some of its history. The casinos are beautiful and the shows are wonderful.