Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Las Vegas

Las Vegas, Nevada, is often referred to simply as Vegas and is the fastest growing city in America, the youngest major city in Nevada, and the eighth-largest city in the State of Nevada. With more than one million visitors estimated to come to Las Vegas annually, you’re guaranteed to have a great time in this beautiful desert oasis! Las Vegas has something for everyone. It is very family friendly with plenty of attractions for everyone from children to seniors.

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The vibrant energy of this destination lies in its proud history, which traces its origins back to more than seven hundred years ago. The Spanish called it Las Americas, which means the” Americas” or the “New World.” From that point on, it quickly grew into a bustling metropolis that is today one of the most popular destinations in the world. Known as the gambling capital of the world, las Vegas today stands tall above all other cities with its sin city reputation.

The fascinating attractions found in this desert oasis are not limited to just the famous Vegas Strip. Downtown las Vegas also offers some of the most distinctive attractions in the nation. Known as the Entertainment District of the West, it is a complete shopping mecca filled with some of the most famous retailers in the world. It also contains some of the tallest buildings in downtown las Vegas and even some of the old stand-bys from when the gold rush was a booming industry.

Visitors to Las Vegas are often surprised by the wide variety of casinos that are available here. There are all types of venues from the traditional brick and mortar casino to the brand new high-tech, virtual casino resorts. Visitors are sometimes taken aback by the number of Las Vegas hotels and casinos that are located along the main strip. While this is done on purpose to attract people, there are still plenty of freeways and expressways that will take you right into the heart of Las Vegas.

One of the biggest draws to Las Vegas is of course the world famous strip. The main article I have written about the strip is where all the action is at. It is not unusual to walk down the main strip at night and find hundreds of people gathered for a few hours of dancing, drinking, eating and socializing. There are all kinds of restaurants, bars and nightclubs. The main strip, including Hollywood Boulevard, is especially exciting for travelers because it has a number of high-end shops, restaurants and shows inside and out.

While the strip may be the hot spot for travelers and visitors, there is so much more to Las Vegas than just the strip. Just east of the famous strip is the Las Vegas Desert. In this desert, you can find manmade monuments, amazing parks and wildlife sanctuaries as well as some of the most amazing casinos in Las Vegas.

Along the way to the hotels on the south west side of las Vegas, you will find the Hoover Dam. The dam was constructed back in the 1930’s and it is one of the largest man-made constructions in the world. Just east of downtown is another spectacular site, the Las Vegas Strip. To get to the Strip, you need to take a sharp turn south on the boulevard.

The entire metropolitan area of Las Vegas consists of over two million people. With such a large number of people there is bound to be a good portion of folks in your midst that also want to see las Vegas strip or the Hoover Dam. It is easy to see how Las Vegas came to be the world’s entertainment capital. It is a truly beautiful place to visit and Las Vegas is a great tourist spot. Even if you just want to go out for a quick vacation, this is a great place to do.