Teddy Goes Back Home to New England

Lincoln-LimoTeddy decides it’s time to go back home for a few days to visit some friends. Teddy returns to New England to see his child hood buddy Todd. Teddy and Todd were best friends as kids. They talk but, they have not seen each other in a couple years. Teddy fly’s out on a Friday morning and heads to New Hampshire. Todd is a owner of a Limo Company named E-Transportation. So Todd picks Teddy up at Manchester Airport.

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Teddy Hooks Up With Roger At The Coffee Shop

vegas_ragdoll_logoTeddy still interested from his meeting yesterday with Roger. Teddy see’s a big opportunity for him and the business. So Teddy calls Roger to have a sit down with him at the local dinner for some breakfast and talk shop.

Teddy walks into the dinner, gets his usual table. Roger walks in a few minutes later. Roger is kind of uneasy this time around. Teddy has some of his guys at another table watching over Teddy. So they order coffee and some food and get chatting.

{Teddy} You know Roger I don’t know anything about Binary Options. So, How am I going to do this. {Roger responds} Well Teddy it’s quit simple. {Teddy} How so? {Roger} Well, the software does all the work, all you have to do is watch the charts. {Teddy} Well that’s just it. I don’t have any time for that I have to run a business. {Roger} It does not take a lot of your time, this can be done on auto pilot.

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Teddy Day At The Barber Shop

vegas_ragdoll_logoTeddy begins his day by going to the local barber shop looking to get a hair cut. Teddy walks in and the barber frantically gets a chair ready for Teddy. Teddy sits down they get started on cutting Teddies hair. There is a guy in the chair next to Teddy, the guy introduces himself. He says to Teddy, hi my name is Roger. After talking a while, Roger asks Teddy what he does for work. Teddy responded that he works at the casino here in town. Roger said that’s great, what do you do there. Teddy hesitates with a stare and replies what do you do for work Roger. Roger gladly replies, I trade stocks for a living. Teddy asked, from New York Stock Exchange. Not exactly Roger replied with a smile. Then what exactly do you do. Roger replies, I have an office here in town and I help people make money trading stocks. I specialize in trading Binary stocks, Roger says. Teddy replies is that right, How come I do not know about you? {Roger} I am new here in town. Okay, How does this Binary Stock work, asks Teddy. Roger knew Teddy was hooked and wanted to learn more. Roger says to Teddy come over to my office this afternoon and I will demo it for you. You can see exactly how it works. Teddy says okay I will be there after lunch.

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Teddies Day At The Casino

vegas_ragdoll_logoTeddies day at the casino was a rambunctious one. It started out with a hangover. Teddy had a rough night at the club last night parting up with a few friends. Teddy meat a girl there. Teddy ended up a few to many to drink. Teddy had to meet Bennie at the casino at 10 in the mourning. Well that did not happen. He bounced into the club at 12 banged up from the night before. Teddy and Bennie got into an argument and left.

Teddy did his usual rounds that day. One of his stops was a local Barber. The barber ended up coming up short, so Teddy being the young hot head, and trying to make a name for himself. He is always the son of Bennie but he wanted them to fear Teddy for who he is. Anyways Teddy roughed him up a bit and told him he would be back in a couple days to collect. Then Goes on with the rest of his collections.

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Teddy Gets Wrapped Up

vegas_ragdoll_logoTeddy loves the night life of Las Vegas. But over time Teddy just gets wrapped up of all of the excitement the city has to offer. Teddy’s Father Benny is head of the Mob in Vegas. Benny has ties to the mob in Boston. Which makes him a very powerful man. Nobody would ever mess with Benny. Benny has three boys and a girl. Teddy being the youngest. Benny has a special connection with Teddy. He is his youngest child and Teddy reminds him of him. Benny owns a lot of establishments in the city.

Benny meet’s Victoria in his mid 20’s. They quickly got to work on a family. They had 2 boy’s and a girl. Benny still being young was wrapped up in his casinos and clubs. He was home very little. Victoria took care of the kids, but did not mind as Benny was showing here a life she could never dream of. Victoria was brought up as a poor family in Boston. That’s where Benny and Victoria meet. Benny also being from Boston gives him strong ties. He has Friends everywhere in New England area.. Making  him a feared man in Vegas.

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Who Is Teddy

vegas_ragdoll_logoTeddy is a 23 year old kid. He is the son of  the mob boss in  “sin city” Los Vegas. Teddy’s family runs the Vegas Casinos and prostitution rings. Teddy is the youngest of three boy’s. Teddy is very smart and is looking to take control of the casino game in Vegas. But his father is not ready to give him control to run the casino’s and the Vegas night life. The Vegas Mob Boss knows he is a hot head and brings a lot of attention to him and his family as the FBI looks to bust them down. Teddy’s two older brother’s are more reliable and responsible. Teddy being young is wrapped up in the night life himself. Teddy is a good looking young man that has women flocking to him. Teddy likes fast cars and women. He has a lot of power and money. Teddy is well know and feared in the “City of Sin”.

Follow Teddy along as he looks to run the Vegas gambling seen. With all the attractions in the City Of Sin Teddy has a lot of drama that follows him. For a young guy like Teddy it’s very easy for him to get caught up in trouble.

Being the attractive guy Teddy is he had no problem finding women. One day Teddy comes across a girl that’s not like the others. Teddy finds her in his casino. Laura who is just 18 and under age did not bother Teddy one bit.  Laura had a poor up bringing and like that Teddy was showing her the finer things in life. Over time you see Laura around Teddy all of the time. Teddy starts to fall for Laura. At first Laura is hooked over Teddy, but Laura soon learn’s about Teddy’s temper and night life style. Can Laura hang on to Teddy is the question.